Lent is the time when we remember the 40 days that Jesus spent in the wilderness, facing challenge and temptation. It is a time when we reflect on God’s purpose for our life. Many persons take this opportunity to give up certain habits or fast from something. This year our challenge to you is to undertake a carbon fast.

Carbon dioxide or CO2 produced by human activity is causing global warming which is in turn causing climates to change. In Jamaica we are aware of climate change because of our warmer temperatures, swings between floods and droughts, and rising sea levels. Warmer temperatures and rising sea levels are undesirable because they will have negative impacts on agriculture, fishing, community developments, important infrastructure like power plants, hospital and roads and plants and animals that are important to Jamaica’s ecosystems and the protection of our coastline. These changes can affect our quality of life and threaten the survival of the natural world. Additionally other environmentally unfriendly actions (e.g. littering, cutting down our forests) make the impacts of climate change worse.

A carbon fast is a challenge to us all to look at our daily actions, to reflect on how they impact on the environment and our fellow Jamaicans. It challenges us to take some small steps – some of which will reduce our carbon dioxide output while others will help the environment – for a more sustainable world. In the process we may come to rediscover a different relationship with God, with His Creation and with one another.

Join the Carbon Fast – because you can change the world a little in 40 days, but more important, you can change yourself a lot!

How do I take a carbon fast?

Start by going to Downloads and getting the Carbon Fast. There are two versions – a daily version and a weekly version. Consider Ash Wednesday, 18 February, to Palm Sunday, 29 March as a time of reflection and action. Each week has a theme and challenges. Using the Fast as your guide, read the daily verse, consider the challenge, pray, and then where possible do that day’s challenge or commit to doing it later. See also if you can make these actions into habits to continue after Lent

And the people say

Love the earth just as much as God does…

Archbishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu

Climate change is an issue that impels us to think about God’s justice and how we are to echo it in our world.”

by Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams, during the Conference of the Parties to the UN Climate Change Framework Convention , 2007

…this wisdom is more than the possession of technical expertise and factual data, important as these are. Rather it includes a grasp of the way the world of creation is meant to function for the well-being and welfare of all involved, human and non-human life alike.” – Rev. Dr. Burchell Taylor in Living Wisely – Reflections on the Wisdom Books: Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes from the Margins

The awesomeness of creation when properly discerned and appreciated is liberating.”  Rev. Dr. Burchell Taylor in Living Wisely – Reflections on the Wisdom Books: Proverbs, Job and Ecclesiastes from the Margins.

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